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This Nissan needs extra room

I stumbled upon this parking gem up on the roof of Parking Structure II early this afternoon.

So this is one way to avoid squeezing into a compact spot. This guy didn't have to worry about someone denting the doors of his Nissan, or being cramped for space when exiting on either side.

But this kind of parking job isn't just inconsiderate, it's an easy way to earn a $35 fine.

UTAPS Director Nancy Fox said in an email that this car would qualify for one of two violations, for parking in two spots and parking over the white line separating the spaces.

She referenced the Sac State parking regulations, which this person was evidently not concerned with:

Parking is authorized in designated parking spaces only. Parking spaces cannot be created. A parking space is designated by a white parking space line on each side or end of the vehicle. Vehicles must fit within the parking space lines. In the unpaved section of Lot 4 and Lot 9, vehicles must be parked in an orderly manner at a wheel stop.
Here's hoping the driver finds a $35 surprise when they return.