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UTAPS' off-road parking squad

Sacramento State has to have the only parking enforcement squad (meter maids, essentially) that uses large pickup trucks, of all things.

This begs the obvious question: why?

It's hard to see how this makes it easier for them to navigate the rugged Sac State campus, not to mention the whole gas guzzling thing.

So what could these trucks prove useful for?

Well, UTAPS can drive off road and look for cars parked illegally in creeks. If someone parked a boat in Parking Structure II and didn't have a valid permit displayed, UTAPS could slap a $35 ticket on it and tow it away.

If a walrus swam up the American River from the bay and then wandered onto State University Drive East, UTAPS could swoop in and throw it in the back.

Does President Gonzalez need help moving?